Santorini Stones – Random Set

Santorini Stones are ideal to work with, they are suitable for any medium. Paint, Pens, Markers, Pencil, Ink, Decoupage, Mixed Media, everything is possible, the possibilities are endless.
They are white glitter stones in different shapes with a smooth and flat surface, about 1 to 2 cm thick. Internationally they are also called Santorinis or Santorini Stones.
Gesso or any other form of primer is not necessary!

They are available in sets with different sizes*, small, medium and large. The number of stones per set differs.

1 set small (approximately between 3 and 8 cm) contains 25 Santorinis
1 set of medium (approximately between 5 and 12 cm) contains 14 – 17 Santorinis
1 set large (approximately between 7 and 15 cm) contains 10 Santorinis

* Santorinis come in different shapes, therefore it is not possible to give exact sizes for the random sets, the stated sizes are an indication

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.