Santorini Stones XL 15cm and larger

Are you looking for XL Santorini Stones, please contact me via WhatsApp with the desired sizes and quantities.
In the photos you can see examples of sets of 4.5 kg.

Santorini Stones are the most ideal stones for drawing or painting, they are suitable for any medium. Paint, Markers, Markers, Potkood, Ink, Decoupage, Mixed Media, it’s all possible, the possibilities are endless.
They are white glitter stones with rounded sides, slightly porous and a smooth and flat surface, about 1 to 2 cm thick.
Gesso or any other form of priming is not necessary. The bright white color makes your colors come out beautifully, markers and brushes risk less damage due to the smooth surface.

Santorini Stones are made from a special type of marble, all stones are selected and packed by myself with all the care and love. It remains a natural product and, as with all types of stone, they can sometimes contain small imperfections. Examples of this are a few small colored dots, a blur and very occasionally there may be a stone with a slightly less bright color, a scratch or a corner that is slightly less nicely rounded.
I select them according to the sizes (small/medium/large), despite careful selection it can happen that a stone is slightly longer or shorter than the indicated size.